See real-life videos of the GCC-installed Heli-Hydrant in action.

San Diego County

Rainbow Municipal Water District

Just in time for the peak of wildfire season, San Diego County has a new tool to help combat the blazes. KPBS Reporter Melissa Mae was on site for a demonstration.

Orange County

Yorba Linda Water District

The Marc Marcantonio Heli-Hydrant is an innovative 12-foot wide, 2,400-gallon water tank for firefighting helicopters. 

San Diego Safari Park

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La Habra Heights HH Media Day

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Senator Bob Archuleta speech at La Habra Heights Heli Hydrant Media Day

Janice Hahn La Habra Heights Heli-Hydrant Speech

Mark Whaling Interview

Glenn Chavez Construction

Exclusively certified installation of Patent Whaling Fireline Heli-Hydrants