What is a Heli-Hydrant?

Building a Safeguard for Life, Property, and Environment

Innovative 15-foot-wide, 8500-gallon water tank for firefighting helicopters that allows first responders to save critical time in fighting fires. These hydrants are strategically placed, quick, and repeatedly filled water sources that can fill within 6-10 minutes. The Heli-Hydrant is a permanent fixture of the public water distribution system, ready 24/7/365 to stop fires before they spread out of control. 

Red helicopter landing on hilltop helipad.


A Lifeline from Above

In a world of emergency response and disaster management, Heli-Hydrants emerge as indispensable heroes. These strategically placed hydrants play a pivotal role in ensuring the rapid and effective deployment of aerial firefighting resources, designed to cater to helicopters and other equipment during critical moments. Placed where limited access to conventional water sources are, serving as lifelines from above when battling wildfires or other natural disasters.

With Glenn Chavez Construction, we are the main, exclusively certified, and professional contracting business in building these premium-grade patented tanks. We use unparalleled products, engineered specifically and only for Heli-Hydrants. Components include: a water tank, Cla-Val control valve, piping, pump system to fill and maintain water pressure, and safety measures around the Heli-Hydrant. These high-grade products are weather-resistant and made to last. At GCC, we know what it takes to ensure high-quality, long-lasting, and firefighting Heli-Hydrants.

Glenn Chavez Construction

Exclusively certified installation of Patent Whaling Fireline Heli-Hydrants